Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Shiner Rising Star!

Congratulations to Blackbird Sing!!

The Shiner Rising Star competition came to an end Thursday night at Love & War in Texas (Plano). We had five great bands competing one last time and many celebrity judges such as Rodney Parker, Coach Joe Avezzano and Donnie Nelson along with Range personalities Brett Dillon and Chuck Taylor. Each band put on a great show but Blackbird Sing came out on top, winning the competition! The van they rode up in on wheels of hope and dreams turned into a party bus all the way back to San Antonio after winning a record label deal from Shiner Records and a complete band outfit from GP Percussions and Kona Guitars! A huge thank you goes out to Kona and GP for helping KHYI and Shiner Records put this on!

In case you missed it, you can always watch the Range TV Channel on to see each week's performances as well as the Shiner Rising Star Finale. As always, we are so grateful to have Mary Jane Farmer from Scene in Town do another great write-up of the night's performances and comments from each of our 10 judges! Check out her last post on the 2011 Shiner Rising Star Competition and don't forget to browse through the great pictures she took of each band!

Congrats again, guys!

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